About the Artist

Nina SampaleanuNina’s work is characterized by colour and texture. A graduate of the Ryerson University Photography program in 1997, Nina started to work in encaustic in 2003. She uses wax for painting, dipping, pouring, sculpting and gluing, creating three dimensional works that stand out from the wall, physically and figuratively.

"My work is inspired by certain aspects of nature... the fluidity of water, the movement of sand, the weightlessness and transparency of air.

I’m mesmerized by the shapes created by wind in a field of grass, a sand dune or a body of water. It is not an intellectual exercise.  It is the very simple pleasure of watching the effect of continuous movement and fluidity created by nature. In this contemplative state I see only round, organic shapes. Its beauty, flow and rhythm entrance me. I am relaxed. I am one with nature.

To create the ups and downs of the mountains and valleys carved by the wind, I use wax, wood, metal, paper and other materials in a way that generates movement, transparency, suggestive projections — all adding up to a multitude of visual and emotional effects. Each individual element, although it has its own substance and character, becomes whole only when surrounded by others. Together they tell a story. Together they exist."

In 2007 Nina received the Award for Best SOLO Mixed Media Artist at New York ArtExpo.

Nina lives and works in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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